We have received numerous feedback from architects that despite specifying Decoral x Starcoat coatings, some contractors end up using other coaters which offered the same Decoral woodgrain patterns using the Decoral films with X Brand coating powder. Sometimes this is due to lack of understanding about these coatings. 

The quality difference is only reflected months or years later. Decoral’s patented polyurethane powders offers excellent resistance to UV light and weathering. Only using Decoral’s turnkey machinery enables almost 100% ink penetration into coatings, which makes the coatings highly resistance to aging.

In Singapore, only Starcoat strictly adheres to the Decoral Process (Decoral Film + Decoral Powder + Decoral Machinery). Moreover, our decorative powder coatings are the only ones in Singapore that are certified by Green Label , Singapore Green Building Council and rated Class 0 for fire ratings.