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Starcoat are proud to offer to our customers the unique and patented wood grained powered coatings from Decoral Italy. These unique finishes are a system of decorative powder coatings which can transform the appearance of any metal or aluminium products to realistically look like wood. This metal and aluminium wood grain finish is so realistic that it’s almost undistinguishable from real wood, even from a close visual inspection. This system of powder coating permeates the entire thickness of the coating and as a result, the coating cannot be removed by normal rubbing, chipping or scratching!

Using this system we have the ability to create wood grain finishes on metal and aluminium pipes, bars, angle and extrusions, flat sheets and panel products as well as 3D products such as wheels, door handles, furniture, windows, and etc. The resultant finish is highly decorative, appealing and long lasting thus requiring minimal maintenance; only a standard periodical cleaning.

Our wood grain coatings, in particular conform to the demanding AAMA 2603 & AAMA 2604 International specifications and are backed by product performance warranty.

Standard Version = AAMA 2603-05
Gold Version = AAMA 2604-10

Starcoat’s Wood Grain Coating is a one of a kind patented process that allows us to create the same kind of look and feel of any timber species. The timber image is then reproduced on a marine grade powder coating aluminium, allowing it to have a strong finish which Starcoat is glad to give a guarantee too. Our timber finish feels and looks like real timber, but it does not give you any ongoing maintenance issues like the real timber has.

Our timber look alike coating finish on aluminium does not require any forms of repainting work at all. You can imagine your building or architectural building is able to be seen as having natural beauty and also the warm feel of the timber, but, it does not ever have to be repainted. Starcoat offers you a finish that can last, thus saving you valuable time, effort and money.